Site Administration - Site-Wide Limits



Site Tab > Site Settings > Site-Wide Limits





Inactive User Time-out

Expel the user from the chat room if they are inactive for the set amount of time.


Set Per-Room User Limit

Set the default maximum number of users allowed per chat room.


Number Of Users Per Room


Allow Overflow Rooms

When overflow is enabled, users will be redirected to a sub-chat room when a chat room is full. You must also enable "Set Per-Room User Limit" above.


Require Valid User Name and Password

Only registered users with a user account in your chat site, or in an external database, are allowed to connect to Rooms within this site.


Message for Non-Members

Leave blank for default message


Integrated Member Database Connection

When enabled, member name and password authentication against the integrated member database is active.


Typing Notification

When enabled, the "user is typing" notification that displays next to the tool bar of user interface will display.