Add Site Admin



A Site Administrator has the ability to easily create additional Site and Room administrators, has administrative privileges in all chat rooms that are part of a Site, and has full access to web-based Site, Room and User administration pages. The default user name chat-admin cannot be deleted. Once a password protected user has been created, you can add that user as a Site Administrator by following these steps:


Step 1. Log into the Web-based Administration Pages and select the Users tab.


Step 2.  Create a new user name that is password-protected, or select a user name that has already been created.


Step 3.  Enter the user names of the Site Admin users. You may enter multiple names separated only by a comma. There is no need to place a comma and a space between Admin user names, just a comma.


info_red_sm.jpgHINT: If you leave this field blank, you will not be able to log back into your web-based admin pages.






 info_red_sm.jpgHINT: Site Admin user names must be password protected. If you list a user name(s) in this field, it is suggested that you have a User Profile for each user created. If a user profile is not create for a user name, any person who logs into the chat room using that admin name will have admin privileges in the room.


Step 4. Click Submit. The new user you have added will have full administrative powers in all your chat rooms within this site.