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Site ID

The number is issued to you during your order process. This number is static and cannot be altered.


Room Name

The name of the room you are making customization options to.


Default Greeting

Any message or greeting will display as the default message when a user logs into a room.



Admin User Name(s)

Enter the user name(s) of the Room Admin user(s). You may enter multiple names here separated only by a comma. There is no need to place a comma and a space between Admin user names, just a comma. If you leave this field blank, you will not be able to log back into your Service Administration Pages.


info_red_sm.jpgHINT: Room Admin user names must be password protected. If you list a user name(s) in this field, it is suggested that you have created a user on the chat server. If a user profile is not create for a user name, any person who logs into the chat room using that admin name will have admin privileges in the room.


Open / Close Room

Open or close your chat room.


Closed Room Message

Users will see this message when they try to log into a closed Room.



Set A Room Password

If you enable this feature a password will be required to enter the room.


Room Password

Password to be used to enter room.


Password Failed Message

Users will see this message when they input an incorrect password.


Enable Transcript for Room

Turn transcripts on for this chat room.