Add Room Admin



A Room administrator has administrative privileges in only the room(s) in which they have been granted administrative privileges by a Site administrator, and has no web-based access, but does have access to the Admin Console. Once a password protected user has been created, you can add that user as a Room Administrator by following these steps:


Step 1. Log in to the Web-base Administration Pages and select the Room Settings tab.



Step 2.  Create a new user name that is password protected, or select a user name that has already been created.


Step 3.  Select the room you wish to add a new Room Admin. Enter the user name(s) of the Room Admin user(s). You may enter multiple names here separated only by a comma. There is no need to place a comma and a space between Admin user names, just a comma.








 info_red_sm.jpgHINT: Room Admin user names must be password protected. If you list a user name(s) in this field, it is suggested that you have a User Profile for each user created. If a user profile is not create for a user name, any person who logs into the chat room using that admin name will have admin privileges in the room.


Step 4. Click Save. The new user you have added will have full administrative powers in the chat room you have added them as a Room Admin.