Getting Started

Adding ParaChat to your web site is fast and easy!  Use the links below to get started right away:


  1. Copy & paste the ParaChat code into your web page


  1. Access the Service Administration Web Page

Administer your ParaChat service using an intuitive, web-based interface.


  1. Customize your ParaChat service

Change the look and feel of your ParaChat rooms.


  1. Access the Admin Console

    Use the Admin Console from the ParaChat room to expel & ban users, set room passwords, etc.


  1. Activate the internal member registration system

    Allows users to register their own user name and password automatically.


  1. Add new ParaChat rooms

    Create additional ParaChat rooms that appear in your chat room's Room List.


  1. Add new site administrators or room administrators.


  1. Upload an image or logo to display in your ParaChat rooms

    Personalize your ParaChat service by uploading a banner or logo image.


  1. Display avatars

    Activate avatar support to display user-selected avatars next to user names, and in private chat windows.


  1. Generate and retain chat transcripts

    Save transcripts of chat sessions automatically, and have them conveniently emailed to you each day.


    1. Display Users In Room & Users in Site Counters

    Inform your visitors of how many users are currently chatting in your ParaChat rooms before they log in.