ParaChat Standard Feature Set

Manual Customization Options


  1. Background Color Of Main Chat Area

  2. Text Color In the Main Chat Area

  3. Font Size -  Setting The Default

  4. Enable Sound For User Entering Chat Room -  Setting The Default

  5. Enable Sound For User Leaving Chat Room -  Setting The Default

  6. Turn Click-able Text In Chat Room On/Off

  7. Customize Avatars List

  8. Customize Emoticons List

  9. Customize Sounds List

  10. Auto Log-in & Load Option

  11. Internal Member Database



Service Administration Pages


  1. Foreground Color Of Chat Room - text color

  2. Background Color Of Chat Room - skin color

  3. Disable User Created Rooms

  4. Use Pop-up Mode After Log-in

  5. Define A New Language File For A Chat Room