Site Operator Permissions




A Permission Level is a configurable set of Admin Console features to which a Site Operator has access.  For convenience, three different permission levels exist against which the site administrator may designate operator access to specific Admin Console features.  For example, Permission Level 1 may associate access to a broader set of Admin Console features than Permission Level 3.  As a result, site operators that have been granted Level 1 permissions will be able to access more Admin Console features than site operators that have been granted Level 3 permissions.


The site administrator may configure access permissions based on individual features under each Admin Console tab.  To extend operator access to all features under an Admin Console tab for a Permission Level, check all boxes under a tab for that Permission Level.  To extend operator access to only certain features available under an Admin Console tab, check the boxes only for those features for that Permission Level.  By default, a Site Operator does not have access to any Admin Console features.  The site administrator must configure the Permission Level features for at least the permission level(s) to which they have associated Site Operator user names.


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