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Allow Chat Access from Specified Web Addresses Only - Standard Only





Allowed Web Addresses

ParaChat Standard permits user connections from a single domain.  Standard customers may edit their allowed web address in the ”r;Update Allowed Web Address” field by inputting their web address prefix, domain name, extension, plus an optional user directory, in the fields provided.  To operate your ParaChat service on more than one domain, please upgrade to ParaChat Professional.


Enforcement Level

Standard is set to the following by default:



Users will be able to connect and enter a room with the URL enforcement set to both allow and warn. However, a user will not be able to enter a room if the URL enforcement is set to deny and the room is not placed on the correct URL.


Here is the error messages that a user will see if the URL of the room does not match the Allowed Web Address settings:



Access Denied. This room has not been configured to operate on this web page. To access this ParaChat room, please visit:


After the user receives this message they will be disconnected and kicked out of the chat room.



Boot Page for an Expelled User






Enable Expel Page


Page to Show to an Expelled User

Enter a web page URL for users to be taken to after they are expelled from the chat room.