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Recent Room History Settings

Your chat service includes the ability to generate and display Recent Room History in your Chat Room. When this feature is turned on, all chat text within the main chat window is written to a live transcript. When a user enters into the chat room they have the opportunity to view what they might have missed prior to entering the room.




These live transcripts are available to room users for up to 1000 stored messages and/or 7 days. These settings can be configured or turn off. The Recent Room History information is dynamic by nature and is NOT stored on the server in the transcript area.






Display Recent Room History Option


Enable to allow each user to access Recent Room History from under the user interface's Action menu.


Activate Recent Room History Option


Enable to write chat text from the main chat window to an extended live transcript that can be read by users in a separate window to see what they missed prior to logging into the chat room.


Maximum Number of Messages to Retain


Select the maximum number of individual chat messages to display to users who view Recent Room History.


Number of Hours to Retain Messages


Select how many hours worth of chat messages to display to users who view Recent Room History.


Activate Recent Messages Option


Enable to display the most recently posted messages directly in the main chat window to users as they log in. Recent Room History must be enabled.


Display Message Timestamp


Show Date or Do not Show Date


Number of Messages to Display


Select the number of most recently posted messages to display in the main chat window to users as they log in.




While a user is in the room, they can select Recent Room History under the Action menu.




A Java pop-up window will be displayed with messages that the user missed while they were not in the room.




Enable / Disable Recent Room History

Parameter Name:



Parameter Permitted Value:

true or false



More Information:

true = allow recent room history (default)

false = disable recent room history and gray out the option in the Action menu