Admin Console

The Chat Room Administration Console offers an easy graphic user interface to all room and site administrators. The Admin Console is a tabbed interface based on functionality. Click on the tab links below to discover more information on each tab. Sample Admin Console. Most features found in the Admin Console can also be found as Text Admin Commands.



Starting the Room Administration Console


In order to use the administrative features in your Admin Console you must have Sun Java 1.4.2 and above installed on your computer. To check your installed version of Java - verify here.


Log into the room using the site or room administration user name and password. As part of your log-in messages you will see one of the following messages if you have logged in correctly:



As you enter the chat room using either a super, site or room admin user name and password, you will receive a pop-up window similar to this one:




You can click Yes to open the Admin Console. If you click No you can easily open the Admin Console using the Action pull-down menu and select Admin Console. Only admin users will have this option available.






Any changes made in the Admin Console will show a confirmation at the bottom of the page.




Changes will also be logged in the Log History area for that session.



Admin Tabs