Customize Status Messages



If you would like to customize the list of alert sounds for your rooms you can simply add a parameter to tell the chat server which alert sounds to display in your rooms.


By default a smaller list of sounds will be available in your rooms.  If you wish to customize which alert sounds are displayed complete the following steps.


Step 1.


Determine which status messages you would like included in your status messages list. Below is a list of standard messages. You can include any messages you would like.



Stepped Out

Be Right Back

Not At My Desk

On the Phone



Step 2.


Log into your Service Administration Area and navigate to Site Settings  >>  Manual Customization .




Step 3.


In the Parameter Name field enter  Cf.Status


In the Parameter Value field add the names of the status message you would like to display in your chat rooms. Separate the file names with a comma and a space.  


Click Add.


Only the listed sound names will appear as an option for your users.


Step 4.


Review the settings you just saved under the Current Customization Parameters for Your Site list.





Step 5.


When your users try to select a new status message they will see a list similar to the one below.





Customize Status Messages List

Parameter Name:



Parameter Permitted Value:

Any messages



HTML Configuration:

<param name="Cf.Status" value="any messages separated with a comma and a space">



The only status messages that will display will be the status messages listed with this parameter setting.